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Add some warmth and colour to this dull grey day!

I will be back tomorrow having been on leave since the end of January! I have really missed the students and I am looking forward to seeing what they have all been up to since I’ve been away.

As we look forward to Spring and Summer we start brushing up vocally for some outside performances!

Sissinghurst Primary School May Fair May 11th

Listen to two of last year’s songs! (Excuse Christmas video we also performed throughout the spring and summer).

We are looking to train up either 3/4 part harmony female vocalists for up and coming 1940’s events and Military Air Shows. YT has provided in the past vocalists who have gone on to become professional after cutting their teeth at YT!  If you click this link you can see a very early performance that original girls, Grace Holly, Sophia and Amy did at The Combined Ops Military and Air Show! Grace went onto form Ebony and The Ivories as well as further a professional career in the theatre.

See you tomorrow!


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