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Week’s Bulletin News in bullet points!

  • It’s not too early to book your child on the Joseph workshop through to performance (in fact many have already). Places can be booked here!
  • The songs and music can be found here to help your child choose which part they would like to audition for and they can rehearse to the music via the website to prepare.

  • Informal auditions will be held on March 16th. Those unable to participate at Easter are to choose a song of their own choice. Please bring in own accompaniment if you are choosing own choice. All will be given feedback on their audition to give confidence and guidance. This is great for external scholarship and professional West End auditions outside of YT.
  • The base is looking and sounding really great. To look even better and to have part of your costume in the bag for Joseph click here for YT93 uniform in many colours!
  • We await the May Dates for our Spring/Summer LAMDA exams but it will be either May 6th or 13th. Marc is compiling a draft list for those he and Carrie feel may be ready for these in the coming weeks.
  • SISTER ACT was awarded more marks from our November 2018 exam remark upping the grade to merit, therefore there are gold merit stickers to hand out tomorrow for all those who entered the musical theatre exam. Please take and stick onto certificates that were awarded last term. CONGRATULATIONS!



Christina and Marc


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